Can I currently get Green Deal finance through the Snug Network?

Green Deal Finance through the Snug Network

When Green Deal was set up in 2013 there was only one Green Deal Finance party active, this was The Green Deal Finance Company (TGDFC). Green Deal Providers (GDPS) would have to put any plans through TGDFC. TGDFC was set up by investment from DECC* and other investment parties, including InstaGroup.

After the general election in 2015, DECC decided to stop any further funding of loans through TGDFC, thus Green Deal Providers, such as InstaGroup, were no longer able to sign up new customers with the ability to pay towards the costs of their electricity bill via Green Deal. However, the Green Deal Finance Company is still functioning and working alongside the GDPs to manage all the existing Green Deal Loans.

Even though all funding is currently at a halt, the legislation for Green Deal is still in place. Therefore, The Snug Network are looking forward to a new finance provider to enter the market later this year, thus enabling InstaGroup, their GDP, to offer Green Deal Finance through the Snug Network.

If you would like to be contacted by the Snug Network and InstaGroup when Green Deal Finance is available for energy efficiency improvements such as home insulation and heating, please call 0118 932 8811.

*Department of Energy and Climate Change

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