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Let’s face it, Leeds isn’t renowned for its balmy temperatures and blistering sunshine, so having a well-insulated home is a must in this northerly city. If your house lacks suitable solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation, you may feel the chill in winter, and you might end up shelling out a small fortune on your heating bills. Draught proofing your property can go some way to making it more energy efficient, but if you really want your home to stand up to the elements in this part of West Yorkshire, you may need to enhance your insulation too.

The benefits

Properly insulating your home will have a number of positive effects. For example, your property will retain more warmth during the winter, helping you to cut your spending on heating. Also, by increasing the energy efficiency of your home, you can lower carbon emissions, giving you added peace of mind that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Installing additional insulation in your home could save you up to £260* a year!

The Snug Network also offer a SWIGA guarantee of 25 years on all installations completed by our BBA approved technicians.

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Installed by Gas Safe and Oftec accredited technicians, a new Worcester Bosch boiler could save you money on energy costs.

Loft Insulation

Save up to £140 per year on your energy bills with loft insulation. BBA approved technicians and fire retardant material.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save up to £160 per year on your bills with cavity wall insulation. Funding available and 25 year CIGA guarantee.

Solar panels

Generate electricity for your home and make significant savings on your energy bills with solar PV technology.

The Snug Network have insulation installers in your area

Our local installers in Leeds can provide you with the best insulation solution to reduce your heating bills and keep your home warmer.

Choosing the right solutions

Leeds has a mixture of property styles. From spacious older houses, that are often inhabited by the city’s many students, to new-build designs. The type of insulation you require will depend on the construction of your home. For example, if your house was built after the 1920s, it is likely to have cavity walls, meaning you may benefit from installing cavity wall insulation. On the other hand, older houses are more likely to have solid walls. It’s possible to fit solid wall insulation both internally and externally.

No time like the present

When it comes to better insulating your home, there really is no time like the present. Even in summer when the sun’s shining and people are out and about enjoying celebrations like the Leeds Waterfront Festival, it is useful to make these changes. The sooner you make your home more energy efficient, the sooner you will be able to start saving money and cutting your carbon footprint.

Here at the Snug Network, our local installers are perfectly placed to guide you through the process, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Funding & Incentives

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