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Blackpool’s beaches and seaside offer a great day out at any time of year, and the town is never short of fun activities to help warm the heart, from the thrills and spills of the Pleasure Beach to the splendour of the famous Blackpool Tower. With it being on the coast and having a Northern English climate, it’s essential to have warm accommodation to shelter from the occasional bitter weather and strong sea breezes.

With many homes in Blackpool, heat escapes from the roof and walls, and more than 25 per cent of the heat generated in your home can be wasted. Because energy prices are continually rising, this can cost you a great deal of money, particularly if your central heating is turned up high – and even then your home might still feel cold and damp due to heat loss and condensation.

What’s the answer to this problem?

Installing additional insulation in your home could save you up to £260* a year!

The Snug Network also offer a SWIGA guarantee of 25 years on all installations completed by our BBA approved technicians.

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Installed by Gas Safe and Oftec accredited technicians, a new Worcester Bosch boiler could save you money on energy costs.

Loft Insulation

Save up to £140 per year on your energy bills with loft insulation. BBA approved technicians and fire retardant material.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save up to £160 per year on your bills with cavity wall insulation. Funding available and 25 year CIGA guarantee.

Solar panels

Generate electricity for your home and make significant savings on your energy bills with solar PV technology.

The Snug Network have insulation installers in your area

Our local installers in Blackpool can provide you with the best insulation solution to reduce your heating bills and keep your home warmer.

There are two main types of insulation that your home needs:

  • Cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation to prevent heat loss through your walls
  • Loft insulation to stop warmth escaping through the roof

A study by industry experts Energy Saving Trust found that the average gas-powered centrally heated home can save about £260 a year in energy bills by installing efficient insulation. This means that, in a year or two, the energy you save may more than cover the cost of fitting insulation.

With the Green Deal initiative, you could be eligible for a government grant to pay towards the cost. By making your home more energy efficient, it’s also good to know that you’re helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Don’t forget Blackpool’s hot and sunny summers too, when professionally fitted home insulation can help keep your house cooler. Another benefit of insulation is that it acts as a sound barrier to reduce noise, perhaps from Blackpool’s well-known nightlife.

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