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Swindon may not be the coldest place in the UK, but even in this Wiltshire town, temperatures can be unforgiving during the winter. This means it’s vital that your property is effectively insulated. Without good quality insulation, your home could waste a considerable proportion of its warmth.

As well as leading to unnecessarily high heating bills, this may leave you feeling the chill during the colder months. It is also bad news for the environment.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Here at the Snug Network, we are experts in the installation of loft, solid wall and cavity wall insulation.

A home assessment

Different styles of property have different requirements. For example, while new homes tend to be insulated, houses that are more than a few decades old may not have any insulation at all. Properties built after the 1920s usually have cavity walls that can be filled with insulating material, whereas older buildings generally lack these gaps, meaning they require solid wall insulation.

Our expert local installers operate across Swindon and the south-west of England, and they can assess your property to see which energy saving measures would benefit you most.

Installing additional insulation in your home could save you up to £260* a year!

The Snug Network also offer a SWIGA guarantee of 25 years on all installations completed by our BBA approved technicians.

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Installed by Gas Safe and Oftec accredited technicians, a new Worcester Bosch boiler could save you money on energy costs.

Loft Insulation

Save up to £140 per year on your energy bills with loft insulation. BBA approved technicians and fire retardant material.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save up to £160 per year on your bills with cavity wall insulation. Funding available and 25 year CIGA guarantee.

Solar panels

Generate electricity for your home and make significant savings on your energy bills with solar PV technology.

The Snug Network have insulation installers in your area

Our local installers in Swindon can provide you with the best insulation solution to reduce your heating bills and keep your home warmer.

Start saving money, and cut your carbon footprint

Did you know that effective cavity wall, solid wall and loft insulation can cut home energy costs by hundreds of pounds per year? So, by making these changes to your house, you could significantly lower your household spending. In addition, because you won’t need to use your heating as much, you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Whether you’re based in Bridgemead, Marshgate, Coleview or elsewhere in Swindon, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how much money and energy you could save. Our local installers will be able to visit your property at a time that suits you.

Funding & Incentives

Find out if funding and incentives could save you money on your insulation, heating or solar PV installations with the Snug Network.


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