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Cavity Insulation Benefits

InstaBead Cavity Wall InsulationThere are currently over 6 million homes* in Britain which have cavity insulation installed, and with all the amazing benefits this number will continue to increase.

The majority of homes lose heat due to the lack of insulation and cavity wall is one of the easiest solutions for heat loss. Consisting of mainly mineral wool or expanded polystyrene beads**. This reduction in heat loss could save you up to £155*** a year on your heating bills.  On average the savings made in 3 years will usually cover the expense of the installation.

To ensure that you are receiving a top quality product and service always check with your installer that:

  • The product being used is accredited
  • The installer themselves are accredited
  • There is a guarantee with the products and install

As a result of the reduction of heat, you will have a much greener environmentally friendly home as less heating will be needed, thus decreasing your carbon footprint.

By having cavity insulation installed you not only save on your heating bills, you will also feel the benefit of a much warmer home.

All cavity wall insulation installs performed by Snug Network Members come with a 25 year guarantee through CIGA (Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency).

One benefit of insulation which can usually be overlooked is the positive effect that it can have on the value of your home. By having cavity insulation installed the EPC rating is improved which in turn results in an increase of the value of your home and should, therefore, be seen as an investment.

Whether it is a warmer home, cheaper heating bills or an improvement on your carbon footprint you’re trying to achieve, cavity insulation is a great solution. For more information on how you and your home may benefit please call 0800 840 6813, email [email protected] or fill in the online form. You can even tweet us @snugnetwork!

*This information was taken from and is correct as of January 2017

** This percentage was taken from and is correct as of January 2017

***These figures are an estimated amount based on a gas-heated, semi-detached house with no existing insulation. This information was taken from and is correct as of January 2017.

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