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Cavity Wall Insulation Costs and Savings

Cavity Wall Insulation Costs & Potential Savings

Did you know that in an uninsulated home, more than a third of the heat is lost through the walls? With that in mind, it’s no surprise that cavity wall insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to save you energy and money. Designed to prevent heat loss through walls, it helps to keep your rooms warmer for longer while reducing your fuel bills.

How much does cavity wall insulation cost?

The typical cost* of a cavity wall insulation installation can vary considerably depending on your type of property. Typical prices (without any subsidies applied) include:

  • Detached – £720
  • Semi detached – £500
  • Mid-terrace – £370
  • Bungalow – £430
  • Flat – £330

Cavity wall savings

As well as keeping your home cosier, cavity wall insulation can make you significant savings on your energy bills. In fact, you can save up to £155** a year on heating costs by insulating your walls in this way. Better still, the insulation will usually pay for itself in five years or less through the savings you make.

To help our customers benefit from even more savings, we can find out if you are eligible to fund your home improvements through The Green Deal scheme or the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme. The money you save on your household bills can help to pay for your installment, and you can then continue to take advantage of the energy savings for many years.

Here at the Snug Network, we’re dedicated to supporting energy efficiency improvements for homes and businesses across the UK. For more information on cavity wall insulation cost, or to find out how much you could be saving each year, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Prices are subject to survey, wall area to be covered and access. Prices shown would be for a standard brick and block construction with an empty cavity width of between 50-65mm

**These figures are an estimated amount based on a gas-heated, semi-detached house with no existing insulation. This information was taken from and is correct as of November 2016.

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