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Here at Snug Network we work very hard to ensure we offer the newest and most innovative insulation solutions. InstaClad All Weather External Wall Insulation system is BBA certified and has many benefits including: saving energy, lowering heating bills, minimal disruption to homeowner, lowering carbon emissions and more. The tongue and groove board design keeps heat loss to an absolute . Due to pre-prepared boards and the need for only one render coat installation is quick, easy and can be completed in almost all any weather conditions, even down to temperatures of -10 degrees, unlike any other insulation system.

The InstaClad All Weather External Wall Insulation System consists of a -primed calcium silicate board, bonded with graphite enhanced insulation which is then fitted to steel top hat rails using a reinforced fibreglass mesh & nail or screw with extra support from InstaFoam adhesive. Once dry-lined using fibreglass mesh and a cementitious compound the panels are finished with a 1.5MM render finish. As the insulation panels are pre-primed they are protected from the weather until the render stage.

Whether you are wanting your improve your homes exterior or you want to ensure your home stands out, we have the right render finish for you. There’s no need to stress or worry for hours that it might rain, all render coats are rainproof within 30 minutes!

This external wall insulation is the perfect solution for year round installations, rain or shine. The panels can easily be cut to the size and shape making installation even easier. By eliminating cold bridging, reducing heat loss, decreasing heating costs and lowering emissions the All Weather External Wall Insulation system is the perfect solution if you live in an uninsulated property with solid wall.

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