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Loft Insulation Green Deal with Snug Network

If your loft isn’t insulated, your property might be losing up to a quarter of its warmth through the roof. The good news is, there is a simple way to address this problem. By taking advantage of loft insulation grants and finance deals, you can access affordable insulation solutions. Depending on your individual circumstances, you may even qualify for free loft insulation. Here at the Snug Network, we’re dedicated to finding our customers the best deals on energy saving home improvements and should be perfectly placed to help you.

As part of our efforts to support energy efficiency improvements, we’ve teamed up with InstaGroup – an accredited provider of the government-backed Green Deal. This initiative allows you to take out finance to pay for your loft insulation. The loan is then repaid through the savings you make on your energy bills, so your bills shouldn’t be any higher than usual. Then, once you’ve paid your loan off, you can start to take full advantage of the cost savings.

The first step towards getting Green Deal loft insulation is to arrange for an assessor to come to your property. They will produce a Green Deal Advice Report listing which improvements are possible and which are likely to be cost effective. The loan you are offered may pay for some or all of the cost of installing your loft insulation.

As well as the loft insulation Green Deal, we can access funding to benefit our customers via the Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO). In combination with our strong partnerships with energy suppliers, this can substantially reduce the amount you pay for your home improvements.

To find out more about Green Deal, or to see whether you could access a loft insulation grant and get your loft insulation free, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team are on hand to find you the most cost effective solution for your property.

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