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Designed for buildings that are deemed ‘hard to treat’ for various reasons, external solid wall insulation can help to improve the look and feel of your home. Older properties built without a cavity wall can quickly lose heat, making it difficult to keep them warm inside. Fitting insulation panels to the outside walls of these buildings and covering them with a specially designed render system or cladding can help to combat this problem and keep homes warmer.

External solid wall insulation has numerous benefits. Not only can it make rooms cosier and more comfortable, it can also improve draught-proofing and sound resistance, as well as helping to weatherproof your home and give it a smart, refurbished exterior appearance.

By reducing your energy consumption, you’ll make significant savings on your heating costs too. Thanks to the impressive money-saving benefits offered by external solid wall insulation, UK homeowners are increasingly taking advantage of these systems to reduce their bills whilst also making their homes warmer and more comfortable. What’s more, your home’s Energy Performance Certification will also improve, which can be extremely useful if you ever decide to sell or rent your property.

Using innovative technology and top quality materials, our insulation products are approved by the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and receive a guarantee from SWIGA (Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency) – a quality framework that ensures systems are fit for purpose with a guarantee of 25 years.

Our team of BBA-approved external wall installers have been specially trained to ensure a quick, efficient and clean service. As the installation process takes place outside, this minimises the disruption to your home life. We offer a variety of finishes for you to choose from, and one of our expert members can suggest the best solution to suit your home’s unique needs.

If you feel that your home could benefit from our external solid wall insulation services, why not contact us today? We’ll find you a skilled technician in your local area, and find out whether the project can be financed by the Green Deal scheme.

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