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Internal & External Solid Wall Insulation Green Deal with Snug Network

Adding solid wall insulation to your property can bring you annual savings on your energy bills of around £260*. Here at the Snug Network, we’re committed to providing our customers with access to the most cost-effective energy efficiency solutions available. We can help you to take advantage of a range of solid wall insulation grants and finance deals to bring your household spending down. We can also advise you on government cashback and energy efficient grants that may even help you to get free solid wall insulation.

Working in partnership with InstaGroup, we operate one of the biggest networks of qualified Green Deal assessors in the UK. Green Deal solid wall insulation can help you to save energy and make your property cheaper to run.

Every Green Deal starts with an assessment of your home by one of our fully accredited advisors. They will produce a personalised Green Deal advice report so that you’ll know exactly what your home needs. If you decide to go ahead and take advantage of the solid wall insulation, one of the ways to cover the cost of some of your installment is through a Green Deal Finance loan. This arrangement enables you to pay for your improvements through your electricity bills. You’ll also be protected by the ‘golden rule’, which means that your repayments will be equal to the energy savings you make. This cost-neutral approach means you really can’t go wrong. Also, when you move home, Green Deal Finance stays with the property and not with you.

We can also access funding to help some of our customers reduce the sums they pay through the Energy Company Obligation scheme (ECO).

If you want to find out more about Green Deal, or check if you’re eligible for a solid wall insulation grant, get in touch with our friendly and professional team.

* Estimate based on insulating a gas-heated semi-detached home. This information was taken from and uses fuel prices from March 2016.

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