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Internal Solid wall insulation is the ideal solution for older homes that don’t have cavity walls. These properties can be difficult to warm up, as a lot of heat is lost through the walls. To address this problem, specialised insulation panels can be fitted to inside walls. This internal insulation offers the most effective way to boost the energy efficiency of hard to heat homes without altering the external appearance of the property.

To ensure you benefit from the very best results, we use a combination of advanced insulation technology and high-quality materials. Our unique, ‘breathable’ internal solid wall insulation panels are designed to offer optimum thermal performance and keep your home at a more consistent and comfortable temperature.

Because you won’t need to rely on your central heating system as much, you’ll also make significant savings on your energy bills, whilst your home will feel warmer and more comfortable, and you’ll be helping the environment by lowering your carbon emissions.

As well as regulating the temperature of your rooms, internal solid wall insulation can reduce the risk of dampness caused by condensation, often found in cold, solid wall properties. It can also make your home less draughty and improve sound resistance.

Using a variety of innovative techniques, we can help you find a solution that matches your specific budget and requirements. Our team of highly skilled and experienced internal wall insulation installers have been professionally trained to deliver a quick, clean service to reduce the level of disruption to your home life.

With the numerous benefits associated with internal solid wall insulation, UK homeowners are increasingly turning to this form of home improvement to reduce their energy consumption and save on their household bills. For added peace of mind, our product has a SWIGA (Solid Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency) guarantee of 25 years and is accredited by the BBA (British Board of Agrément).

If you feel that your home could benefit from our internal solid wall insulation services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can determine which system is right for your property and tell you if you are eligible for help to pay for your home improvements with Green Deal.

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