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Park Home Insulation Case Study

Park home insulation is new to 2016, but has been becoming more and more popular as the year has progressed and there are so many reasons why. Don’t take our word for it take our customers.

After living in their park home for 20 years and hearing about park home insulation through the local council, Mr and Mrs H, from Cheshire decided it was time to make some changes.

With installation of park home insulation being completed within week, even if the weather was bad, they were able to feel and see the benefits instantly. They mentioned that they felt there was no disruption during installation at all and “the team were really good and put sheets down and tidied up every day, they also told us what was going to happen each day so seeing the change was amazing.”

Park Home Exterior After InsulationNot only does the insulation improve the feel of a park home but also the exterior look. Our customers in Cheshire have stated that “Our home now looks fantastic and like a new home and we also had the chance to get some new features on the corners and above the windows as well.”

Since having park home insulation installed the couple have noticed many benefits with the wife stating that she was “up at 4am the other morning and feeling warm despite the fact the heating had gone off at evening before. By doing our whole home we have noticed less noise from outside and also we turn the heating on less”.

Improving the warmth and sound proofing, park home insulation can help cut your gas and electric bills year on year. The couple proclaimed that after looking at their bills, what they have saved so far they estimated that they would save £600 – £700 pound a year.

Overall Mr and Mrs H had said that they would 100% recommend anyone who lives in a park home to consider insulation as they believe that their home is a lot cosier and warmer.

For more information on how you could benefit from park home insulation fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page, call 0800 840 6813 or email [email protected] and one of the team will be happy to help.

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