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Park Home Insulation

InstaClad Park Home Insulation is an adaptation of the industry acclaimed all-weather solid wall insulation and  benefits from a Quality Assurance guarantee of 25 years.

In addition to being an All-weather system which enables year round installations, even in showers, the system is InstaClad Park Home Insulation Installfast drying and fast finish which keeps inconvenience and disruption, to the resident, at a bare minimum.

Whether you are looking to keep you park home warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer, with the option to also insulate floors and ceiling InstaClad park home insulation is the perfect solution. You can save up to £325* a year on energy bills if you use mains gas heating whilst savings on LPG or oil fuel bills can be even higher!

The new frame, board and render finish teamed with the supporting rail system improves the appearance of your park home whilst adding further stability and robustness. As this insulation is 25% lighter than tradition**, there is no need to worry about too much additional weight.

In the past, with other systems, there has been a critical issue with the jointing strip once insulation had been installed which resulted in a requirement breach for park home status. However the InstaClad Park Home Insulation ensures that there is not interference with the strip ensuring no breach is made a year on energy bills if you use mains gas heating.

The cost of insulating a double park home is approximately £8,000. However this is subject to survey.

Offering not only year round comfort, savings, refurbishment the InstaClad system also improves sound proofing.

Here at Snug Network safety is our number one priority therefore we ensure the materials used are A1 fire-resistant.

For more information on InstaClad Park Home Insulation click here, phone 0800 840 6813, email [email protected], use the enquiry form at the top of the page or even send us a tweet
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*£326.40 annual bill saving for a 86m2 park home built between 1983 – 1995 without modifications on mains gas for heating and 100mm existing loft insulation. (£184.37 walls, £77.59 floor and £66.44 loft savings) This is correct as of May 2016.

**InstaGroup Park Home System at 11.55Kg/m2 compared to Traditional Systems averaging 15Kg/m2

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