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Park Home InsulationWith the continuous rise in popularity of Park Home insulation we decided to speak to local councils to find out what they think of this new to 2016 innovative insulation method.

We spoke to Karen Whitehead, Housing Standards & Adaptations Manager, at Cheshire East Council regarding why she would advise park home insulation and whether she has seen an increase in installations locally.

Why I would advise park home insulation:

“Park homes are one of the biggest challenges in tackling fuel poverty, with the flimsy construction, off-gas areas and low income and older households who usually occupy park homes struggling to pay high fuel bills. Insulation is the most effective solution to reduce energy use – stopping people spending more than they need to heat their home. Through this project we have found so many households who are living in cold homes, some of whom are in dire circumstances and paying excessive fuel bills just to keep warm. Further investigation has found significant disrepair to their homes – by addressing the disrepair and insulating the home, we have taken a big weight off residents’ minds. We have already seen the impact the insulation has – residents are telling us that they can switch their heating off after half an hour and their home retains the heat, whereas previously their heating was on for 7 hours or more.”

Have I seen an increase of park home insulation installs/enquiries over the past couple of months? If so why do I think this is?

“We have seen an increase. At first when we were promoting the scheme some residents were very hesitant. However, once they have seen the dramatic transformation to other people’s homes on the outside, and felt the difference in temperature on the inside, they have wanted park home insulation themselves. Demand far outstripped the funding we had available so we weren’t able to help everyone that we wanted to. What is testament to the quality of the product and the installer is the enquiries from people to pay for the work privately: they realised what a great product it was and how it would improve their home, and decided to invest in it using their savings.”

Snug Network installers InstaGroup are not only one of the leading installers insulation but they are also the manufactures of the award winning InstaClad Park Home Insulation which is an adaptation of the all-weather solid wall insulation.

For more information on park home insulation and how you could benefit call us on 0800 840 6813, email [email protected] or fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page and one of our advisors will be happy to help.

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