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Solid Wall Insulation Benefits

Due to solid walls letting through twice as much heat as cavity walls, solid wall insulation can cut your heating costs massively. If your home was built before 1919 the external walls are most likely solid. Whether you are considering internal or external solid wall insulation there are many benefits.

Internal Solid Wall Insulation is quick and easy to install and improves the efficiency of heating your home. Whilst External, in addition to improving the efficiency of heating your home, the exterior appearance can also be improved.

Internal can sometimes be cheaper to install than external solid wall insulation however it can be very disruptive whereas the installation of external insulation very rarely causes disruption to the household.

Other benefits of solid wall insulation include:

  • Reduction in condensation on internal walls
  • Any cracks/gaps in the brickwork are filled in resulting in a decrease of draughts (external wall)
  • Weatherproofing and sound resistance is improved
  • Up to £455 can be saved on fuel/heating bills per year
  • Your carbon footprint can be decreased by 1,900 kgCO2 per year

Any type of insulation can help reduce your fuel bills and your carbon footprint, solid wall insulation can create bigger savings on your heating bills than any other type.

Detached house Semi-Detached House Mid Terrace House Bungalow Flat
Bill Savings per year £455 £260 £175 £180 £145
Carbon Dioxide Savings (kgCO2/year) 1,900KG 1,100KG 720KG 740KG 610KG

The information in this table was taken from and uses fuel prices from March 2016.

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