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 SAVE UP TO £350 A YEAR WITH A New Boiler Installation ENQUIRE NOW and start saving up to £350 on your household bills*

Installing a new boiler with the Snug Network can save you up to £350 per year*. Our installers can provide you with the best solution to reduce your heating bills and heat your home.

Snug Network New Boiler Installation and Installers

Why consider a new boiler installation?

Did you know that by having a new boiler installed you could save up to £350* a year? Yes, that really is how much extra an old, inefficient boiler could be adding to your energy bills each year. On top of that, with ageing boilers there is the increased risk of an unexpected failure, leading to unexpected repair or replacement bills when you least want it.

For the majority of the year, a comfortable home life depends on heating and hot water. Boilers are responsible for about 55 per cent of household energy costs – installing a new A-rated condensing boiler can make a big difference**.

Snug Network installers have many years of experience, they will initially complete a technical survey to decipher what the house needs, thus resulting in an accurate quote.

New Boiler Installation. The Key Facts:

  • Make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills by up to £350* per year
  • A-rated boilers from market leader Worcester Bosch with 7 year warranties
  • Funding incentives available to reduce your household carbon footprint
  • Local GasSafe and Oftec accredited installers available throughout the UK

We understand that choosing a new boiler installation for your home is not always a straightforward task, which is why we work with you to find the perfect solution for your particular needs and budget.

Snug Network Boiler Installers

Our new boiler installers are committed to delivering a high-quality service. We supply A-rated, energy efficient new boiler installations from leading manufacturer Worcester Bosch with up to seven-year warranties. Our central heating and boiler installation services are undertaken by Gas Safe accredited (or Oftec accredited for oil boilers) technicians. Offering quick and convenient new boiler installation across the UK, our team of skilled engineers will ensure you benefit from the best possible results. And, because our technicians work locally, you can be sure that there is a central heating installer near you.

A simple replacement gas boiler quote will typically start from £2,200 (ex VAT) excluding radiators, whilst a quote for changing a Regular gas boiler to a Combi will typically start from £2,500**.

*This is estimated on a new A-rated condensing boiler with a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls (TRVs) in a gas-heated home replacing an older boiler with a programmer and room thermostat in a detached home.  This information was taken and is correct as of February 2017.

**subject to survey

Funding & Incentives

Find out if funding and incentives could save you money on your insulation, heating or solar PV installations with the Snug Network.


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