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Traditional Boilers Vs System Boilers

The type of boiler that should be used in your home varies as all circumstances are different. However when it comes to Traditional and System boilers which is generally the best for you?

Traditional Boiler System DiagramTraditional boilers, also known as regular boilers, are very commonly used on older systems producing hot water that directly heats the radiators and indirectly heats the water in the hot water cylinder. They are fed via a small water tank, also known as the feed and expansion tank, which is generally located in the loft space next to the main cold water tank. Circulating pumps are also located remotely in traditional boiler systems.

System boilers are more commonly found in newer homes and are very similar in that they produce hot water that directly heats the radiators and indirectly heats the water in the hot water cylinder exactly the same way that regular boilers do. The main difference is the circulating pump is located within the boiler case and the expansion tank is not necessary as they are designed for a sealed system and the components for this (expansion vessel and pressure relief valve) are also located within the boiler case.

The space currently available for a new boiler installation will be the main factor of the decision making process. System boilers coupled with an indirect unvented (mains water pressure) hot water cylinder are generally favoured in new homes as the cold water tank and expansion tank are not required. They are also better suited to homes wishing to create and/or save additional space. Whereas traditional boilers feature both a cold water tank and expansion tank and therefore are found more commonly in older homes.

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