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Why Worcester Bosch Boilers?

Worcester Bosch Boilers Best BuyHere Snug Network we ensure that our customers have the best quality products, Worcester Bosch Boilers are no exception. And we’re not the only ones that think so. For the 7th consecutive year they have achieved Which? Best Buy status for their Greenstar Gas boiler range.

The cold weather has truly hit the UK. With the Worcester Bosch boilers Greenstar range being rated 5* for build quality, reliability and customer service, it is the perfect time to have your boiler replaced.

The annual survey, which compared 14 boiler brands in total, revealed that Worcester Bosch have the happiest customers with “an extraordinary four in five who own one, being very satisfied with their boiler and more than ¾ would recommend to a friend”

Not only do those who own a Worcester Bosch boiler recommend them, but heating engineers have stated that they are a less difficult to service. Additionally, they reported that spares and parts are much easier to source compared to other manufacturers.

As more than 11,000 people were questioned in this survey, it is the most in-depth assessment to date. These people included Which? Members, Trusted Trader heating engineers and members of the general public.

According to the summary of the report “Worcester Bosch boilers are the only brand to earn a 5* rating for how likely engineers are to recommend it”.

To enquire about how you could benefit from a Worcester Bosch boiler, fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page, call 0800 840 6813, email [email protected] or even tweet us @snugnetwork.

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