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Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts 2016 Report

Each Home Counts ReportSnug Network members welcome the newly released publication of Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts. However there are reservations in regards to the delivery and practicality of some of the recommendations stated in the report and its ability to drive consumer demand

This review really highlights the importance of energy efficiency measure are especially to the 65%* of English homes who are currently not fully benefiting from the right improvements.

Currently there are:

  • 5M homes in Great Britain lack cavity wall insulation**
  • 92% of solid wall homes In Great Britain are not insulated ***


The recommendations in the Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts publication will create better quality and standards framework whilst developing a trusted, sustainable energy efficiency and renewable energy sector. However, whether these recommendations will increase the demand for energy efficiency measure installs throughout the UK is not clear and we request is addressed during the next phase.

Full Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts Report.

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*This information can be found file/539570/Energy_report.pdf

** This information and stats can be found

** This information and stats can be found

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