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Say Hello to Powervault Solar Batteries

Charlie Vey from Powervault give us an introduction to the phenomenon which is Solar Batteries.

Say hello to the newest and most advanced technology on the solar energy market. Solar Batteries are a new and upcoming technology available this year. Whether you already have a Solar PV System installed or you have installation planned, you and your bank balance could benefit from Powervault Solar Batteries. The AC-Connection allows the battery to easily be retro-fit to an existing system within 60 minutes.Powervault Utility Room Solar Battery

Powervault is the first fully-integrated solar energy storage system for the home. In addition to this the solar battery can store energy throughout the day, charge itself using off-peak electricity form the grid as well as provide emergency electricity during a power cut.

Those with a solar PV system already installed will be saving around 50% through self-consumption however Powervault Solar Batteries can increase this up to 70%, whilst home owners with Economy 7 tariffs may see an increase up to 80%!

Combining electrical storage of up to 6kWh with the 800VA charger and 1200VA inverter, Powerevault solar batteries can supply power to your base load of electrical demand over the course of an evening.

Even though Powervault Solar Batteries are designed to charge and discharge at least once a day, if there are no appliances in need of electricity during the day then it will not discharge.

Featuring 5 different LED colours, you are able to know exactly what your battery is currently doing.

Green= Charging
Blue= Discharging
Yellow= Emergency Power Socket Mode
Dark Blue= Idle
Red= System Fault

They may be new to the market but solar batteries are a must have for any homes which already feature or are planning on having a solar PV system installed.

For more information on how you and your solar PV system can benefit from Solar Batteries call 0800 840 6813, email [email protected] or even tweet us @snugnetwork and one of our advisors will be happy to help. You can also find our more about Solar PV Panels here.

About Charlie Vey

Charlie Vey

Years in industry: 1 year working in Energy Storage / Clean Tech industry
Likes: The outdoors; sports; travel; entrepreneurialism and innovation
Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, running, exploring London, meeting up with friends
What's new?: Lithium-ion Powervault and, imminently, a slim-line version of our existing Powervault.

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