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Smart Heating Controls – How do they fit into our world?

John Francis, our heating expert gives his thoughts on Heating Smart Controls.

Smart Controls, as they are generally known as, are normal domestic heating controls that can be controlled through a downloadable App on a smartphone or tablet via the internet. There are now several different makes available and all the leading control manufacturers such as Honeywell and Drayton offer these.

These controls can easily be fitted to an existing system or fitted in conjunction with a new boiler and are no different to installing normal controls except for an additional connection to the internet router in the property which will connect via the App to the users smartphone or tablet. They can be hard wired or wireless in most cases.  Also they cost no more than normal controls when installed with a new high efficiency boiler.  In addition to being able to use the controls where they are fitted the user can control them from anywhere in the world providing of course they have an internet connection!

So wherever you may be – on holiday, in the office or delayed on the train, you can delay or re programme your heating and hot water and control the temperature to fit in with your arrival. Most smart controls can now track your location and can see where you are in relation to your home; once you get nearer it will start to increase the temperature to coincide with your arrival so you are not entering a cold home. You will also experience a more comfortable and balanced temperature. Weather compensation is another useful add on as the local weather can be monitored via the internet and the heating can be delayed if the temperature is still quite warm or bought forward if the temperature starts to drop suddenly and fit in according to local conditions.

Industry statistics have proved that using these controls can reduce your fuel bill by as much as 25% when used with a new high efficiency boiler. So whatever your lifestyle and wherever you are in the world you will be in full control of your heating & hot water requirements.

So whether you are just looking to upgrade your existing controls or having a new high efficiency boiler, InstaGroup can install smart controls to suit you and your home.  So give it some thought today and start saving money on reduced fuel bills and helping the environment.

About John Francis

John Francis

With 38 years in the heating industry, I am a trained and fully accredited by Gas Safe and Oftec boiler engineer.
Likes: Real Ale
Favourite car: My MGB!
Hobbies: Scuba Diving.
What’s new? Smart Controls for your heating system. Allowing you to take control from your phone or tablet wherever you are in the world! Can now also be expanded to control your lights and security system.

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