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Solar panels produce electricity by harnessing energy from the sun’s rays. Mounted in panels and installed either at roof or ground level, a solar PV system can save you money on your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint and even generate you extra income.

A typical system in the south of England can produce enough power for an average-sized family home each year, making Surrey homeowners less reliant on energy companies in a part of the country where the cost of living is already high.

What are the costs involved?

The expense of installing this type of renewable energy source is usually paid back within six to eight years. However, for some, the initial expenditure is sometimes enough to put people off investing in solar technology.

Fortunately, the government launched Green Deal in 2013 as a way of helping homeowners cover the costs of energy efficiency improvements.

Installing solar panels could save you up to £474* a year!

The Snug Network also offer a 25 year performance guarantee on all installations and potentially provide you with an extra income.

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Installed by Gas Safe and Oftec accredited technicians, a new Worcester Bosch boiler could save you money on energy costs.

Loft Insulation

Save up to £140 per year on your energy bills with loft insulation. BBA approved technicians and fire retardant material.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Save up to £160 per year on your bills with cavity wall insulation. Funding available and 25 year CIGA guarantee.

Solar panels

Generate electricity for your home and make significant savings on your energy bills with solar PV technology.

The Snug Network have solar panel installers in your area

Our local installers in Guildford & Surrey can provide you with the best solar panel solution to reduce your household bills and generate electricity for your home all year-round.

What is Green Deal?

Green Deal is a scheme whereby some or all of your upfront costs are met, and you then make the repayments with the money you save on your electricity bills.

Delivering over 200 reports each week, the Snug Network is one of the largest providers of Green Deal assessments in Britain.

Feed-in Tariff scheme

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the electricity you generate from your solar energy system, or any excess electricity exported back to the National Grid, can earn you payments from the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Do you cover my area?

Our organisation operates under a national framework, using the skills and knowledge of local industry experts. Our members working in Surrey understand the county’s geography and climate, and how these factors impact on your choice of solar installation. We cover urban locations like Dorking, Weybridge and Guildford, as well as remote properties on the Downs and Mole Plain. To arrange your Green Deal assessment, call us today.

Funding & Incentives

Find out if funding and incentives could save you money on your insulation, heating or solar PV installations with the Snug Network.


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