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What’s the difference between Solar PV Panels and Solar Thermal?

More homes in the United Kingdom are making the decision to have solar panels installed, however there are 2 very different types, Solar PV Panels and Solar Thermal.

Even though the concept behind the two types is the same – to use sun’s output to create usable energy, the way they achieve this and the way the energy is used is very different.

Solar PV Panels capture the sun rays and then directly convert the sunlight into electricity powering the homes appliances, lights and other electricals. Whereas Solar Thermal collects sunlight, and uses it to heat water up which is stored in a hot water cylinder powering the homes hot water.

Other noticeable differences with these solar panels include;

  • Solar PV Panels require a larger area of space compared to solar thermal for installation
  • Due to using water Solar Thermal panels can freeze in the winter whereas Solar PV cannot, however an inhibitor/ anti-freeze can be added to Solar Thermal Panels to prevent this.

When making the decision regarding what type of Solar Panel is right for you and your home it all comes down to what your specific needs are. If you are solely looking for a water heating solution then Solar Thermal is perfect. However if you are looking for a newer technology which can provide power to all your electrical appliances then Solar PV Panels are the right decision.

Here at Snug Network we have installers across the UK offering InstaGen Solar PV Panels. For more information regarding Solar Panel installation fill in the enquiry form at the top of the page, phone 0800 840 6813, email [email protected] or even tweet us @snugnetwork !

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