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Solar PV Installers & The Installation Process

Solar Panel InstallSolar PV Installers

With local solar PV installers based all over the UK, Snug Network can have a highly trained and approved installer on your doorstep to help you and your home benefit from the most reliable energy solutions.



The Installation Process


Once we have received your enquiry, we will complete a desktop survey before visiting your home. This survey is conducted by us using Google earth. We will check if your roof is facing somewhere between south east through to south west. As well as checking if your roof is of decent size to take a 3-4kWh system. Then we will look for any obstructions in front of the roof which may cast shadows.


This is a technical survey completed at your home by one of our many experienced surveyors. The dimensions and pitch of your roof will be taken in addition to us having a more in-depth look at the orientation and any shading issues. We will inspect the structure of your roof to ensure that the right fixings are quoted. Electricity will be checked to ensure the inverter can be set up correctly. Assuming that you would like to take advantage of FIT (Feed-in Tariff), we will also check the existing insulation to see if there are any upgrades required to ensure you achieve the required EPC rating D post install. An EPC will need to be registered before the application for FIT is submitted.


You will receive a full quote, order form, diagram of panel layout, shading diagram, model performance estimates and FIT estimates. Additionally, you will also receive information on any available grants for insulation should that be required to achieve an EPC D rating.


Solar Panel InstallationOnce the quote is accepted, we will arrange for one of our solar PV installers and an electrician to undertake the install. The installation itself will 1-2 days dependent on the size of the solar array.  If there is any adverse weather work is likely to be held up due to health and safety. You, as the customer, will need to sign off on the completed install allowing us to commission the system


The electrical certificate is submitted. We will then update the database and get all manufacturers guarantees in place.


After the installation has been completed and the MCS database has been updated, you will need to apply for FIT through your electricity supplier. They will set up payments, which will be received quarterly direct from the supplier to you.

If you have any questions or queries about solar PV installers, solar panels or FIT you can speak to one of our qualified specialists by phoning 0800 840 6813. Emailing us at [email protected] or even sending us a tweet @SnugNetwork.


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