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Forming one of UK’s leading specialist groups of Green Deal installers, Snug Network are committed to helping homes and businesses minimise their energy consumption.

As part of our efforts to support energy efficiency solutions, pioneering Green Deal provider InstaGroup is working with the Snug Network. With this partnership, we are able to drive forward government-backed initiatives and help our customers access the best deals on energy efficiency home improvements.

We offer many ways to cover the cost of your installation including the Green Deal – a way to pay as you save, whether you choose insulation, heating or a solar PV system. The loan is repaid through the money you save on your energy bills, and you can then go on to take advantage of energy savings for years to come.

By providing our customers with incentives such as Green Deal finance, we are helping to make energy saving improvements a far more affordable option for homeowners looking to reduce their household bills. And while you benefit from a cosier home, you will also be helping to reduce wasted heat and lower carbon emissions in the UK, which is good news for the environment.

What is Green Deal Finance?

Green Deal finance is a new way to pay for energy efficiency improvements to UK, InstaGroup is the Green Deal Provider for the Snug Network. A loan is offered to cover part, or all, of the installation costs of energy efficient improvements in your home. This loan is then repaid, including interest, by a charge which is added to your electricity bill. The amount that households are able to borrow is limited by how much predicted savings will be made by installing the improvements so it is important to note that it may not cover the entire cost of the installation.

To find out if you are eligible for Green Deal finance, we can arrange for a qualified assessor to visit your home. They will be able to take into account your specific circumstances and produce a report detailing which improvements are best suited to your property. They will then be able to confirm how much Green Deal finance you are entitled to.

All Snug Network assessors are registered through the InstaGroup Green Deal Advice Organisation (GDAO) and the installers are PAS2013 accredited to guarantee the highest quality of service. For further information on grants and funding, or to find out more about how much money you could be saving a year, contact us today. Together, we are currently one of the UK’s largest networks of Green Deal providers, installers and assessors, so we should be perfectly placed to help you.

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