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Green Deal

What is Green Deal?

Green Deal finance  enables you to pay for home energy efficiency improvements through your electricity bill.  Originally set up by the Government in 2012, it is relaunching this Spring to enable home owners and those in rented accommodation make those necessary changes to their property to make their home warmer and save energy.

Green Deal loans are different from normal personal credit as repayments are set up on your property’s electricity bill. If you move home during this time the new electricity bill payer for the property, will pick up outstanding payments. You only pay whilst you’re benefiting!

The amount that you can borrow is the estimated energy saving expected for the lifetime of the improvement measure installed. For example, a loan for solid wall insulation would be taken over 25 years.

Green Deal is a fully audited programme from survey through to installation, focusing on high-quality installations, all installers and surveyors are fully accredited for GD.

GD also offers extra peace of mind, knowing that any products you purchase are covered under the Consumer Credit Act. All products feature a manufacturer’s warranty and an additional 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

Green Deal can help landlords and tenants to improve their homes too. Landlords need to achieve the new regulation of an EPC rating of E or above, and tenants will benefit from a warmer home. As the repayments are made by the bill payer they will be transferred from tenant to tenant.

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