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Green Deal Case Study

After finding out about Green Deal through the Great Holland Matters Newsletter, one customer decided to find out more information. Following a call to her Bracknell council, a Green Deal survey was booked.  A Green Deal advice report was created from the survey which listed measure that her home would benefit from. The customer then decided to proceed by having 3 of the measures installed. These were loft insulation, a new energy efficient boiler and external wall insulation installed.

The overall process took around 4-5 months, this included application, surveys and installation. However this process was longer than usual, due to being let down by 2 installation companies with no connection to the Snug Network. After these setbacks, the customer decided to go through Snug Network, and all measures were installed by InstaGroup, without any issues. Despite these setbacks the customer believes that the overall process was simple and “just rolled along”, she felt that she didn’t need to do a lot once the application and surveys had been completed.

Since having these energy saving measures installed, the customer has seen a decrease in her gas bill.

Whilst benefitting from Green Deal, you are still able to take advantage of ECO grants, thus reducing the amount of money needed through Green Deal finance. For more information on how you could benefit call 0800 840 6813, email [email protected], tweet us at @snugnetwork, or head over to our green deal page and fill out the enquiry form and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help.

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