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Personal Finance

Personal finance can be used to support or fully pay for energy efficiency measures. These measures include loft, cavity, solid wall insulation and heating.

Personal finance is subject to a credit check and an approved application. Personal Finance loans can be from £500 to £50,000. The finance provided will be unsecured with various rates and payment options available, such as buy now, pay in 12 months. The repayment period is generally between 12 and 120 months.  Some finance companies offer flexible repayments enabling the customer to over pay now and again resulting in the loan being paid off sooner.

The application and purchase process is usually simple and hassle free, and where the Snug Network members offers personal credit this can be completed with your advisor after your survey. The advisor will be able to discuss all payment options available through them and interest rates in further detail.

Many of our Snug Network members are authorised to offer credit as credit brokers.  When offering Green Deal finance they will introduce customers exclusively to InstaGroup Limited. InstaGroup are authorised and regulated by the FCA (registration number 715054).   For all other personal finance the Snug Network member will introduce customers to the lender/s they work with.

When purchasing these energy efficient measures using personal finance extra peace of mind provided. All installations are regulated under the Consumer Credit Act (CCA). Each introductory body and lender will also be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Similar to purchases made by credit card, the customer who has taken out personal finance is protected by the lender. This is a requirement under the CCA for all lenders.

Please note that not all members of the Snug Network accept personal finance. Therefore we advise that before agreeing upon your installation you ensure that the installer does accept this type of payment.

To discuss taking personal finance out for the installation of energy efficiency improvement products please call 0800 840 6813.

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