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Insulation June 7, 2017

Delivering a Green Deal Communities Project

In 2014, Haringey and five neighbouring North London councils were awarded £6.5m by the Government to promote and part-finance energy efficiency improvements to residents’ homes. The project, known as ‘Smart Homes’, was based on the government’s Green Deal initiative, which offered approved property assessments, installations and finance for customers to part-fund improvements. A Green Deal […]

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News May 25, 2017

Hazel Is A Winner For Vulnerable Customers

Many congratulations to Hazel Hill, Sustainable Energy Officer at Bracknell Forest Council. Hazel was a well-deserved runner-up in the highly regarded South East Regional Energy Efficiency Awards. The work Hazel does every day makes a real difference to some of the most vulnerable people within her local community. These people are often living close to […]

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News January 13, 2017

Sale of Green Deal Finance Company is Finalised

After a long anticipated wait we are thrilled to announce the sale of The Green Deal Finance Company (GDFC), which has been finalised today. Everyone here at Snug Network are delighted to be working with Greenstone Finance in the relaunch of the Green Deal scheme and to be providing our customers with Green Deal Finance. Green Deal […]

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News January 4, 2017

Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts 2016 Report

Snug Network members welcome the newly released publication of Peter Bonfield Each Home Counts. However there are reservations in regards to the delivery and practicality of some of the recommendations stated in the report and its ability to drive consumer demand This review really highlights the importance of energy efficiency measure are especially to the […]

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News December 28, 2016

Saving Energy UK Working Alongside Family Mosaic

Over the next 12 months Saving Energy Ltd will be working alongside Family Mosaic in London to help insulate hundreds of homes in the Waltham Forest area. These homes which will soon all be benefiting from external solid wall insulation are  classed as being in fuel poverty, the condition of being unable to keep one’s […]

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Insulation, News December 19, 2016

LABC Registered External Wall Insulations

Here at Snug Network we like to ensure that we are providing top quality products which meet required regulations. As of November 30th 2016, InstaGroup’s InstaClad All Weather Wall Insulation has been recognised as a registered detail by LABC (Local Authority Building Control) product. As a LABC registered detail it shows that InstaClad All Weather […]

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News November 30, 2016

RFU announce Green Deal Loans For Their Clubs

RFU have recently launched a range of initiatives to aide Rugby clubs across the country reduce the expenditure on energy bills. This is collectively known as the ‘Rugby Energy Club’. These initiatives can be broken down into four categories: The ‘Energy Purchasing Partnership’. This is to help clubs benefit from the best possible tariffs for […]

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News November 17, 2016

Building Technology Of The Year Award Finalists

Here at Snug Network we pride ourselves on offering only the best, the products we install are from a range of manufacturers including Worcester Bosch and InstaGroup. Further evidence of the excellence of these products is InstaGroup’s InstaClad park home insulation which is a finalist in Business Green’s Building Technology of The Year Award! Business […]

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Boilers November 14, 2016

What does the latest Wave Smart Control App update mean for you?

Smart Controls are all the rage at the moment and the second generation of the Wave Smart Control App only solidifies why. What makes the update of the Wave App so ground breaking? Well, Worcester Bosch have been working overtime to ensure the update of their Wave Smart Control app is the best it possibly […]

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Green Deal October 24, 2016

Green Deal is Coming Back

As of the end of 2015 there were over 15,000 properties using Green Deal Finance (GDF) paying for their energy efficiency installations through their electricity bill.. The Government announced that they would stop all funding for the Green Deal back in July 2015. This did not affect any existing customer. However it meant that anyone […]

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Boilers, Guest Blogs September 30, 2016

Combi Boiler Benefits

John Francis, our in house heating expert details what the benefits of having a combi boiler installed are.  A combination or ‘combi’ boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single compact unit. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains when you turn on a tap, so […]

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Guest Blogs, Solar Batteries September 23, 2016

Say Hello to Powervault Solar Batteries

Charlie Vey from Powervault give us an introduction to the phenomenon which is Solar Batteries. Say hello to the newest and most advanced technology on the solar energy market. Solar Batteries are a new and upcoming technology available this year. Whether you already have a Solar PV System installed or you have installation planned, you […]

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Guest Blogs September 16, 2016

Smart Heating Controls – How do they fit into our world?

John Francis, our heating expert gives his thoughts on Heating Smart Controls. Smart Controls, as they are generally known as, are normal domestic heating controls that can be controlled through a downloadable App on a smartphone or tablet via the internet. There are now several different makes available and all the leading control manufacturers such […]

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News March 11, 2016

Snug Network Installer Spotlight – Saving Energy UK

The Snug Network consists of professional installers across the country. Saving Energy UK are one of our many installers and have been helping improve energy saving in Essex since 2007. Starting off as a small family business with one mission in mind of helping the vulnerable and saving the environment. Now employing over 100 people […]

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News March 2, 2016

ACE Energy Efficiency In Bracknell Report

One of Snug Network Installers has worked very closely with The Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) to help conduct their latest local area report for energy efficiency in Bracknell. The report covers the average annual gas and electricity bill cost, benefits, opportunities available in the area and more. To read the full ACE […]

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News November 20, 2015

Creating large-scale solar installations: 3 case studies

Experts in energy efficiency solutions, we are perfectly placed to deliver large-scale solar panel installations that match our clients’ precise requirements. Here are three examples of the bigger projects we have worked on over recent years. 49.5 kWp ground mount – Wiltshire country estate One of our larger projects was completed for the owners of […]

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News October 23, 2015

10 simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

With the public’s awareness of climate change and the detrimental impact of greenhouse gases increasing, more and more people are taking steps to do their bit for the environment – and it’s much easier than you may think. In fact, there are many easy-to-implement lifestyle changes you can do to reduce your energy consumption, cut […]

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News August 4, 2015

INFOGRAPHIC: Where Energy Is Lost In your Home

Here at the Snug Network, we’re not only passionate about saving energy, we’re also passionate about saving you money! We’re all guilty of wasting energy at home, but exactly how much is it costing the average home owner every year? Not all energy saving methods have to be expensive and even the simplest change to your […]

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